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g88 consulting

Strong foundations, confident future


g88 consulting believes that great organisations are built on pillars of excellence which act as the foundations to successfully pursue ‘blue sky’ opportunities.

Our expertise supports you to build these pillars and drive your aspirations. Our satisfaction comes from delivering the results you expect, through creating environments which establish:

  • clear choices, strong leadership and better outcomes
  • strategic clarity to simplify complex business scenarios
  • assurance that projects are managed for success
  • confidence that governance and structural frameworks are the right fit
  • remedies to get struggling projects and broken systems back on track
  • financial confidence and sustainability
  • disciplined operational processes based on critical success factors and risk management
  • problem solving strategies that focus on root causes, not symptoms, and
  • processes to move innovation and ambitions from ideas into practice.

The strength of our contribution lies in fresh, independent input, and real-world, practical outcomes tailored to your individual circumstances.

Whether you’re dealing with a current problem, or looking to future horizons, g88 consulting offers the skills and experience to add long term value.

We listen to your individual needs, not jump to an off-the-shelf packaged answer.

fresh input, practical solutions, and long term value